Top 10 Take away from DEVC 30


First ever summit experience


To be able to experience the live broadcast.


The CCVC project is one of the best experiences in the field.


The lecture about radio news and trivia.


I was able to identify my voice quality. Ahem Ahem, it was oral okay!


Because of DEVC 30, I was more aware of the commercials that are being dubbed. I’m now paying attention to the commercials that are aired during morning, noon, afternoon and especially night time.


I always thought that if it is Community Broadcasting, we are trained to be natural announcer in an fm or am radio stations, but I was fooled by my own delusions. Community Broadcasting is not just broadcasting, it has the community chained in it.


I was not really into reporting, what I love is to be heard not to be seen. According to the Marshall McLuhan’s Global Village, the most important part of the body is the ear. Although we notice that many individual would say it was the sense of sight but way back in the past. They use the ear to identify many things. The advantage of hearing is that we are able to hear different sounds not unlike our eyes, we can only focus on one thing.


“Diskarte” that was the most important thing that I realized that I need to do. DEVC 30 will always be a reminder that I will never give up, even it is hard. I will try to fit in. There is a place that will accept me.

TOP 10

I realized that what I was now will not be forever. I can change for my own good. Anything can happen. It can only differ with the path that I’m going to choose. Personally, my dream is to be a disk jockey. An electronic dubstep music (EDM) collaborator or producer maybe.Creating music is one of my passion, but at the same time helping other people.Because of Sir Chico, I can achieve my goal.


*Not all the photos are mine. Other photos and gif are from Google Images.


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